Global Turbine Services, Inc. (GTS)
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Service Repairs
& Overhaul Warranty

Global Turbine Services, Inc. Represent and warrant that its workmanship conforms to the intent of the requirement of the manufacturer, and that its quality is in accordance with all the applicable provisions of the Federal Aviation Regulations. ( F.A.A.).
The responsibility of G.T.S. under this warranty is further limited by the following conditions:


G.T.S. In no event shall be liable, whether in contract, tort, express or implied warranty, strict liability or otherwise, for special, consequential, incidental or indirect damages arising out of the defective or negligent workmanship performed, defective material supplied in the overhaul and/or repair of Customer's property, including but not limi.ted to the customer's or any third party's loss of revenue, or damages due to late re- delivery and any loss occasioned by any personal injury to any employee, agent or any third party and any loss or damage to any personal property of customer or ant third party. No agreement or understanding varying or extending the terms of this warranty shall be binding upon G.T.S. unless reduced to writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of Global Turbine Services, Inc.