• G.T.S. has developed a network of multiple customer in the commercial and military markets, understanding the different needs and requirements in accordance with the law, FAA and international organization rules and mandatory regulations that comply with our domestic and international customers.
  • G.T.S. quotes and work based on the customer's specific needs for service, overhaul or repairs of their engines or provide aircraft parts overhaul management, engines lease, sales or exchanged based on price structure that is define by our close and long term business goal relationship.
  • G.T.S. has in place an insurance policy with triple A rated companies to protect our customer’s assets while in our shop premises and our own large inventory, including aircraft engines, Parts and machinery.
  • G.T.S. has a warranty commitment policy in all the services performed by our Repair Station and a limited warranty on all items sold or repaired by a third parties.
  • G.T.S. will promise to keep and maintain our customers flying, understand their operational needs, we have a 24 hours complete access to all technical, engines, & parts support services.
  • G.T.S. will provide technical support and troubleshooting to all its customers by phone and at the customer request will provide in house technical training for their technicians that are actively engaged in the maintenance to enhance and prevent any possible costly mistake that could be found on the regular operator fight schedule.

Service Repairs
& Overhaul Warranty

Global Turbine Services, Inc. Represent and warrant that its workmanship conforms to the intent of the requirement of the manufacturer, and that its quality is in accordance with all the applicable provisions of the Federal Aviation Regulations. ( F.A.A.).
  • G.T.S. does not warrant
    parts, materials nor services supplied of performed by other companies, but agrees to use its best effort and knowledge to ensure that the suppliers and subcontractors warranties with respect to such parts, material and services will b extended to cover and be enforceable by the customer.
  • G.T.S. will act for its customers in the processing of any claims or adjustments arising out of and because of defective parts, materials and workmanship in accordance with such suppliers and subcontractors warranties.
  • G.T.S. will extend a 100% warranty on its overhauled engine for one (01) Year term or one thousand (1000) hours whichever occurs first, in case of the repaired engine the warranty is for a period of six (06) months or 500 hours whichever occurs first. An accessory overhauled by.,
  • G.T.S. is covered for one (1) year or one thousand (1000) hours, in case of the repaired accessories the warranty is for a period of six (06) months or 500 hours whichever occurs first.
  • G.T.S. liability is limited to the repair or replacement at its option of the defective parts or accessories overhauled or repaired by G.T.S. which are determined, solely in the opinion of G.T.S. to have been defective due to the faulty workmanship by G.T.S. Warranty allowances shall not exceed the net price shown on the original overhaul or repaired invoice.
The responsibility of G.T.S. under this warranty is further limited by the following conditions:
  • 1. Defects in workmanship must be discovered before the period of warranty and G.T.S. must be given a prompt notice in writing within 10 days of the discovery of defect.
  • 2. The engines and components must have been installed, preserved, maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturers manuals, directives and instructions. The engines and components must not have been altered or repaired outside G.T.S. facilities and the engines and components must have been operated whiten the limitations and guidelines as outlined by the original equipment manufacturers manual, or technical data and must not have been subjected to misuse , neglect, accident or damage whether from the elements or otherwise.
  • 3. the engines or accessories parts must be returned, at customers expense to G.T.S. facilities after notice of failure has been given and must be afforded the opportunity to perform corrective work at the facility of its choice, one an R.M.A. has been issued.
  • 4. Notwithstanding anything in this limited warranty to the contrary, G.T.S. shall in no event be responsible for any warranty claim of any nature whatsoever, if the customer provides to G.T.S. more than ten (10%) percent in dollar value of all of the parts repairs as reffected on the original repair cost estimate prepared by G.T.S. and provided to the customer.
  • Except as otherwise set forth herein, it is expressly agreed and understood that there are not other warranties of merchantability or fitness, nor are there any afirmations of fact, guarantees, representations, commitments, promises by G.T.S. with reference to the workmanship performed and material provided by G.T.S.


G.T.S. In no event shall be liable, whether in contract, tort, express or implied warranty, strict liability or otherwise, for special, consequential, incidental or indirect damages arising out of the defective or negligent workmanship performed, defective material supplied in the overhaul and/or repair of Customer's property, including but not limi.ted to the customer's or any third party's loss of revenue, or damages due to late re- delivery and any loss occasioned by any personal injury to any employee, agent or any third party and any loss or damage to any personal property of customer or ant third party. No agreement or understanding varying or extending the terms of this warranty shall be binding upon G.T.S. unless reduced to writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of Global Turbine Services, Inc.